This series shows the chaos of working in the games industry!

The third season of the series “A mythical quest” premiered on November 11 and airs on Apple TV+. The series is included in the category sitcoms At work, like “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “The Superstore,” follow the formula of their predecessors.

In the story, exotic employees experience awkward situations both at work and in their personal lives. The workplace is very different from a normal environment, such as a public administration or a department store.

“Mythic Quest” shows the absurdity of a very modern branch routine, putting the game developer at the center of the chaos.

It is clear that the pandemic has helped the video game industry to grow, new players have emerged and there has been an intense flow of releases that have been successful. These transformations were shown in the second year of the series.

In the third season, history returns to show that both worlds games How many series have become more chaotic since social distancing. The story itself also delves into and reveals the challenges and many issues that surround this industry.

Necessary subjects such as machismo and other prejudices within the company are part of the larger approach in the episodes.

Overwork and conflicts of interest are also discussed, all in a sour, eccentric way, and yet without losing the good humor.

With the premiere of its third season, the series already shows differentiation, in addition to having a strong cast.

However, it is a very tasteful workplace comedy, full of chaotic situations and funny and well-developed characters, but also a striking portrait of the entertainment industry. games🇧🇷

Unlike other areas, this is not a place where the backstage is known to the general public, so the setting works perfectly to keep the audience curious, suspicious, laughing and original to the series.

“Mythic Quest” airs weekly on Apple TV+ on Fridays. It is also worth checking out the previous seasons that are available on the same stream.

Were you interested and interested in watching the series? Check out the season three trailer below:

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