This indie horror game isn’t out yet and it’s already giving me nightmares

Recently, certain An indie game The trigger was responsible nightmares He was released even before that. It’s a paranormal tale with an interesting proposition: a first-person view with a body camera and horror Ultrarealistic.

The game grabbed the attention of the internet with its reveal trailer that was released on October 25th. The haunting video soon went viral, showing a claustrophobic and eerie atmosphere that harks back to the style of footage (“found footage”) like The Blair Witch Project.

Playback: Digital Cyberberries

Before you watch the trailer below, be warned: the scenes may trigger strong reactions. There is a risk of falling asleep after watching, yes.

Paranormal Tales – which, of course, doesn’t have the initials “PT” for nothing – was created by just two independent developers. In the game, players must explore a series of videos as they control a human in search of Teddy, their missing dog.

Image of paranormal tales

Playback: Digital Cyberberries

On the bright side, the unprecedented and promising vision of the game caught the attention of the studio Digital Cyberberries, who signed a contract with the two responsible.

In a post on Twitter, the developers say that the development team has now grown to seven members, who are striving to “create the most terrifying and stunning horror game yet”.

ᲬᘡᘡᲗᲗᲗᗢ Ტᘢᘢ

Paranormal Tales doesn’t have a release date yet and is currently slated for PC. You can now wishlist it on Steam – if you dare.

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