They managed to run Doom in Windows Notepad

id Software’s game continues to build on its reputation for being able to run on virtually anything

Saga of fans Doom To run the game on any device or medium, won a new chapter last week (9). That day, a YouTuber known as Samperson posted on his channel a A video showing the game directly in Notepad from Windows.

Although the game’s visuals lose quality when this happens, It is still possible to distinguish between its surroundings and its excellent soundtrack. According to the developer of the new version, it runs directly in the standard Notepad of the operating system, without the need for any executable modification.

This is also confirmed by Samperson Published images have not experienced any acceleration, and that it is possible to play the entire adventure from start to finish. Claiming that “it’s all the community’s fault” on the Doom running app, he promises it Plans to release tools soon It is necessary that others repeat the experience.

Doom is known for its various ports

As Samperson posted on his Twitter account, NotepadDOOM will still need some work before release, but it should happen in a few days. The project joins a long list of game ports that have already been adapted for launch Motherboard BIOS, McDonald’s ordering kiosks and even on a tractor.

The ease of adaptation of the game is due both to its advanced age (and small size) and to the fact that It was one of the first titles to open its source to the fan community. This led to adaptations for various platforms and a community of players that continues to produce new maps and adventures for the title to this day.

This work has been recognized by id Software, which in August of this year brought Official support for community-created plugins to the latest versions Doom and Doom 2. This can be enjoyed by both those who play on PC and modern consoles Access to tons of free adventures and content which ensures the longevity of the games.

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