They managed to launch Doom on LEGO bricks and in the motherboard BIOS

id Software game continues to adapt to everything possible

One of the most influential games of all time! It is known that the first Doom is adapted for several unusual platforms. After working on a USB Bluetooth adapter and phone, now The game has shown that it can be run even on LEGO bricks.

Responsible for this was James Brown, who created a small controller that he created to turn the toy part into a small monitor. Images are created from small controlled OLEDsWhich was previously used by Brown to imitate the scrolling of text on a screen.

In practice, the LEGO part used is not responsible for running the game, it serves as a small external monitor. Despite this, It seems Brown has decided to explore the format further And on his Twitter profile he has already shown the ability to use the top of the part as a touch controller.

The game can now be run in the motherboard BIOS

Who also decided to play the original was Doom A community dedicated to Coreboot that has shown that it is possible to run the game from the motherboard BIOS. The system was created as a means of replacing component proprietary software with a lightweight solution that performs as little task as possible for modern 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

ᲪNobil as CoreDOOM, Adaptation transforms any modern computer into a machine dedicated exclusively to id Software Classic. The full game is now located in the system ROM, which means that there is no other software to use for the task.

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What makes Doom so popular in the unofficial port community is the fact that Your code has been openly available for many years. Game adaptations have already become a kind of meme and fun challenge, whatever Already released versions for pregnancy tests, Twitter and refrigeratorsAlong with many other remedies.


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Source: PC Gamer, WCCFTech


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