These two great games can be yours forever if you redeem them through the Epic Games Store ⋆

This week, to the delight of the players, Epic games Updated the list with free games offers and made two great games available. So that’s it! Until 12:00 PM (GMT) on September 22nd, everyone will be able to save adventures and grow their game libraries even more. Also, updates to the Free Games section of the Epic Games Store are already giving us a sneak peek at next week’s giveaways… let’s check it out shall we?

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As I mentioned, until September 22nd, players will be able to redeem two great games through the Epic Games Store. The first one is the best Spirit of the North, which is aimed at adventure and exploration games and attracts attention with its visuals. This is an indie game that puts us in the fox’s shoes and leads us to incredible scenarios. Now the second game is interesting Captain. This is another indie adventure with lots of attractions. Overall, the game gives us a chance to control a spaceship and explore a vast galaxy.

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Notably, with the update to the free games section of the store, Epic Games has finished revealing which games will be redeemable for free in the coming week. Yes, those who enjoy quality gaming cannot miss the opportunity. in Olo, Ark: Survival Evolved and Glumhaven There will be gifts. Therefore, it can be said that Epic has “stacked” a good sequence and the biggest beneficiaries will be the players. So all that’s left for us to do is say thank you and add the titles to our gaming libraries.

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