These three wonderful games may be yours forever, but only if you redeem them before May 19 ⋆

A free game was released last week Epic Games Store Not too excited. However, the banner depicting the offers that are on the way has already indicated that there will be two nice games this week. Yesterday, May 12, when the new options became available, we had a third gift to add. Besides Epic games We decided to solve the secret of the next free game, ie next week’s surprise can be big… Let’s take a look?

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Yesterday, May 12, the Epic Games Store updated its banner with free games and made three more games available. For starters, we have the perfect Jotun, An adventure inspired by Scandinavian mythology that offers challenging conflicts and moments full of strong emotions. The second topic is electrification Price. This is one of the best adventures signed by the legendary Arkane Studios And fans of action games with a more science-fiction approach will have plenty of reasons to enjoy the title from start to finish.

To end this, we have fun To shoot. As I mentioned, this gift was added at the “last minute” and its attractiveness makes it a good choice for racing fans. In fact, the game can be described as the “spiritual heir” of the legendary. Delete, Which was released in 1995. It is also worth noting that the free quote banner from the Epic Games Store features a “secret game” for next week, indicating that we will have a worthy gift. So keep in mind: you have until May 19 at 12:00 (GMT) to redeem the three games mentioned above and another surprise to watch out for.

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