These are the main games on sale

Promotion event Steam Summer DiscountWhich started this Thursday (23), brought great offers on many games in the store Steam. Below you can see a list of major games that received good discounts during the event.

FIFA 22 – BRL 39.84 (-84%)

The list starts with the latest game FIFAO. FIFA 22. This time, it will bring players an improved experience, with new mechanics and a more fluid gameplay. With 700 different teams, 17,000 players, more than 90 stadiums and 30 leagues around the world, FIFA 22 is one of the best sports betting options today.

In it you can create your own player and manage your team in career mode, play in events like the World Cup, play matches with real players online and many different mini-games and game modes. That makes it all FIFA 22 One of the best options for sports games Steam Summer Discount.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – BRL 34.99 (-50%)

One of the top rated games in the saga Resident Evil. Even 5 years after its release, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Continues to impress many players with its horror experience. The game takes place shortly after the events Resident Will 6In a rural area in the U.S. interior.

Players control the character Ethan Winters, Who is looking for Mia, his wife who has been missing for some time. Eventually, the search for ethane leads him to a seemingly abandoned agricultural region, but he eventually finds that the place is not abandoned at all.

Ethan meets a family of bakers who live in the region and it will not take long for them to realize that this family is not the friendliest family in the world and that his wife Mia is in their captivity. Ethan embarks on a horrible journey to save his wife and escape from that hellish place.

Far Cry 5 – BRL 35.99 (-80%)

In Far 5, Player transferred to Montana, USA. There he discovers a fictional city Hope CountryWhich is run by a religious fanatic called Joseph SeddieWho leads a cult that preaches the coming of the apocalypse and controls citizens by using hallucinogenic substances, deceives them.

It’s up to you Hope Country In your tyrant, solo or cooperative mode, with other players, using different types of weapons and hiring people to help in the revolution. You can also use cars, motorcycles, trucks and even planes to fight Joseph and his sect. But beware, for Joseph and his followers will respond when you least expect it.

Sniper Elite 4 – BRL 10.59 (-90%)

One of the best sniper games ever created. Sniper Elite 4 Leads players to Italy during the tense and dark period of World War II. Your mission is to fight with the members of the Italian resistance against the fascist government and to slowly liberate the Italian peninsula from its oppressors and most importantly to defeat the mysterious new threat that can end the Allied campaign in Europe even before it begins.

You have a huge and varied arsenal at your disposal that can defeat your enemies in different ways. As you enter Nazi structures and camps, you can sabotage and destroy entire enemy installations and vehicles, adapt to different situations, place traps, and sneak out of place.

Street Fighter 5 – BRL 9.99 (-75%)

This is a game from one of the most famous franchises ever created. Street Fighter 5 Allows players to experience intense fighting and quarreling, play as 16 famous and cult characters, each with their own story and fighting characteristics.

You can select the mode ArcadeIn which you can freely play with any character, Team mode FightWhich is between team battles and Additional combat modeIn which you can play online against real players, earn XP and Fight for money, Which can be used to open additional skins, new characters and new stages.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – BRL 22.48 (-85%)

Inspired by the series Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball FighterZ Is a fighting game with all the characters of the anime, high quality graphics and amazing fighting mechanics. You can assemble a team of fighters and improve your skills as a player, you can change characters during a fight, including you can compete with up to 6 players in online rooms, in addition to being able to immerse yourself in this very rich world. Story mode.

Star Wars: The Fallen Order of the Jedi – BRL 49.75 (-75%)

For fans Star WarsWe separate the hits from the Star Wars universe games: Star Wars: The Fallen Order of the Jedi. In it, players control Kahl, an ancient Padavan who lives as a refugee, hiding from the Siths who rule the galaxy and hunting for Jedi who have survived purification.

Eventually Kahl is found and decides to run away to stay alive. He meets the old Jeddah, who also keeps his true identity a secret, and together they begin a journey to the planets that are fighting the empire, their main goal being to restore the Order of the Jeddah.

Other games on sale at the Steam Summer Sale event

  • Weapon III – BRL 24.99 (-75%)
  • 7 days before death – BRL.49 (-70%)
  • No Man’s Sky – BRL 64.99 (-50%)
  • Cities Skylines – BRL 18.74 (-75%)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – 9.99 R $ (-80%)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II – BRL 36.29 (-67%)
  • Subnautica – BRL 28.99 (-50%)
  • Sea of ​​Thieves – BRL 44.99 (-50%)
  • Hearts of Iron IV – BRL 23.74 (-75%)
  • Crew 2 – BRL 29.99 (-80%)
  • Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – 13.99 R $ (-90%)
  • NBA 2K22 – BRL 47.98 (-84%)
  • The Sims 4 – BRL 22.25 (-75%)
  • Monster Hunter Rise – BRL 91.79 (-49%)
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – BRL 31.98 (-80%)

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