The Xbox Series S is heavily discounted and is going viral on the internet

Microsoft’s most attractively priced console has gone viral on the internet this week thanks to it Amazon Prime DayA set of discounts that make the Xbox Series S an even better value Top 1 Best Sellers from the store.

approx BRL 1,900This week, many decided to jump into the new generation with the Xbox Series S, so much so that the little monster was included Popular topics on Twitter. Check out some quotes below:

It’s great to see so many new players joining the Xbox world and the Series S was a really well thought out console. This way, for those looking for a relationship cost benefit, with this car Xbox Game Pass This is an extremely valuable option.

Xbox Game Pass is a high-end service that offers unreleased games released directly in its catalog, in addition to several other giants that pass through the service. At your disposal are the catalogs of Xbox Game Studios, EA and Bethesda, and probably soon the catalog of Activision Blizzard.

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