The Xbox September Update brings customizable Elite Controller LED colors, an updated library, and more

Microsoft has just announced new features for the September update for Xbox consoles. This time we have a very welcome batch of news that we are going to introduce you to in detail. Elite control led colors, new library, more storage and installation options, all included.

The Xbox Dashboard system update for September 2022 is here, and it has a lot to offer. With a custom Xbox button color on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, easy access to all your games and apps on Xbox consoles with a completely updated library. We also have new default save and install options on Xbox consoles.

How many colors in the Xbox Elite Series 2 Led we have a wide range that combines red, blue and green LEDs. More than 16 million tons. To configure Xbox button color settings, open the Xbox Accessories app on your Xbox console or Windows PC while connected to a controller.

Microsoft also introduces a Complete overhaul of the game library on Xbox consoles, meaning you’ll have even easier access to all your games and apps.

visualization My games and apps have changed (Details here) for easier and faster access to all games. All Games now shows all the games you own and all the games you have access to with your current Xbox subscriptions, including Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, and games claimed with Gold titles.

In addition, a new function “smart memory” (Read more here) Now available to everyone. As mentioned earlier, if you have attached an external hard drive or memory expansion card, you can now change the installation locations option in the storage devices settings. You can choose a specific drive as the installation location, or let Xbox decide where to install the content on the fastest drive with free space.

Besides noise suppression (details here) is out and the games are now Can be played offline (details here). Plus, you can now group chat with friends quickly with the Xbox app.

It seems Xbox Game Bar on PC, you can now get a share link for each shoot. Share your notes on the go via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and more.


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