The Xbox Keystone will be the “new Xbox”; We know the details and the price

Microsoft is working on another device, codenamed Xbox Keystone. The hardware was verified last month and now the editors of WindowsCentral have collected all the information they have received and the details really are Intriguing.

A few weeks ago, the Xbox Keystone was touted as Microsoft’s alternative to the Chromecast, forcing players to connect a device directly to a TV or monitor. However, this is not going to be a TV stick-like device – it is likely to be new as well The smallest console in the history of Microsoft:

“Keystone is a new Xbox development process that focuses on streaming and cloud services rather than native gaming and powerful local hardware.”

The details are confirmed by Jazz Corden, who thinks the above rendering is somewhat similar to the currently created version of the Xbox Keystone. The company decides on a normal USB port, thanks to which we can connect a controller or headphone to the console, also the manufacturer will use Ethernet for better connectivity. The journalist has not yet confirmed whether the corporation has chosen the Wi-Fi 6 module.

“In fact, Keystone’s expectations largely depend on how well the Xbox Game Pass will be up and running in the cloud. Xbox Cloud Gaming currently achieves a maximum of 1080p 60 FPS on PC and 720p 60 FPS on mobile devices. For hardware that relies on the cloud, you need to consider whether Microsoft will target 4K 60 FPS streaming, as some competitors are already pushing for this solution. Time will show us“.

According to Microsoft’s concept, the Xbox Keystone should only be game-based. CloudBut the company also wants to supply a variety of applications Netflix And Disney +.

“We know that Xbox Keystone will mainly support the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which will give you access to the full list of Xbox Game Pass games. It includes hundreds of AAA quality games and smaller indie titles, as well as all the exclusive games from Microsoft and Bethesda (and possibly Activision Blizzard) and EA Play. It is even more interesting to see the full size Xbox Store in the service.

The reporter also suggests that Xbox Keystone can provide Game Purchase Access – In this situation we will not install the production on the console and the title will be constantly activated from the cloud. This would be an interesting move because, as you know, the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming do not give you access to all titles.

A WindowsCentral spokesman said the Xbox Keystone should be worth about $ 99 USD (490.00 R $ approximately without taxes on direct conversion) For startup – it will be The smallest and cheapest xboxBut we must remember that its action will be based on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (cloud).

The debut of the equipment was presumably planned 2022 yearBut Microsoft has confirmed that it wants to refine the device and, at the same time, the device may not be available to players. Until next year:

“Microsoft has revealed that the first version of Keystone has been missed because the company has decided to develop a more advanced version before it hits the market. So I was told Keystone works well And it practically Ready to release, But Microsoft wanted to develop A few more resources Unknown opportunities before being marketed. “I suspect it has something to do with support for multimedia apps and possibly wider support for digital game sales that are not available on the Xbox Game Pass, but that ‘s just a guess.”


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