The Xbox boss has created a Mastodon account in case Twitter fails

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox.

One of the main ways Xbox communicates with fans is through its social media site. Twitter🇧🇷 Now, as you’ve probably heard, there’s been some drama since billionaire Elon Musk bought the platform for $44 billion.

It seems that many people are worried about the future of Twitter and are now creating Alternative ways to get in touch with fans and followers. Some members of the Xbox team, like Aaron Greenberg, have already created one MastodonAnd now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also created his own page.

Briefly, Mastodon was originally released in 2016 and is an “open source” social networking server service with Twitter-like publishing capabilities. Phil isn’t the only one jumping on this platform.

In recent weeks, the online service has seen a surge in users from all walks of life – the company noted in a blog post this weekend how it was experiencing the “highest volume of traffic” it’s ever seen.

“Currently, is experiencing the highest volume of traffic ever to hit the infrastructure. The service is partially down and I will be making quick updates to the platform. This can lead to partial outages, errors and long delays in support requests. IM sorry. I am doing my best from my side. I hope you understand. thanks.”

What has Phil posted so far on his new Mastodon account? He “boosted” (similar to a retweet) several comments flight simulator and punishmentAnd also praised Vampire Survivors once again.

“Phil Spencer: “Thank you for the warm welcome to Mastodon. I’m learning more about this place between performances of #VampireSurvivors.”

If we see an official Xbox page or something like that appear on Mastodon in the near future, we’ll post the info. Notably, Phil and other Xbox employees are still active on Twitter as well, showing no signs of leaving the platform at this time.

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