The Xbox app now shows if the game works well on your computer

Other enhancements and tweaks have been added to improve navigation in the app

THE Microsoft Announced upcoming improvements to the app in June Xbox At PrachaThe main news is a feature that lets you find out if the game works well on your computer without downloading the game to find out how your configuration works.

The novelty is still in the implementation stage and does not have information about all the games in the catalog, especially the latest releases, which take time to get the data on the specifications, which is essential for a satisfying gaming experience.

Tila NguyenSenior Manager and Leader in Products and Experience XboxExplains how the new feature works: “The app compares game performance on PCs with similar features to show how well you expect the game to run. If your computer does not run a graphically challenging game, you can preview the game system. To run. “

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In addition to being able to identify games running on your computer, Microsoft The app design has also been updated, offering a sidebar that contains the most requested directions by players, allowing users to have more intuitive navigation and be able to find their games and use the app’s features in a simpler and more practical way.

Tila Nguyen Also emphasizes the development team Xbox app for that Windows Continues to work to solve problems and offer more comfortable use: “We are continuing to improve the back of the app to make it work more smoothly and reliably. We have reviewed the major issues reported and will continue to do so by updating the apps.

Do you like knowing that your computer is running a game instead of downloading a title for testing? Share your opinion in the comments!

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