The Xbox 360 controller will be re-released for Xbox Series X|S and PC

Manufacturer Hyperkin is the company responsible for bringing the licensed version of the controller to Microsoft’s new consoles.

To celebrate the 17th anniversary of the launch of the Xbox 360, manufacturer Hyperkin announced this Tuesday (22), Licensed version of the classic Xbox 360 controller for Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 and 11🇧🇷 The peripheral received the name Xenon, referring to the code name used by Microsoft before the release of the old console in 2005.

Pentiment is only made possible thanks to Xbox Game Pass

The company says in an official statement that the Hyperkin Xenon is a licensed product and has the same configuration as the old Xbox controller. Despite this, the peripheral brings some updates to accommodate the tools available in the new generation of consoles. O Xenon is a modern version of the classicWith menu, share and view buttons positioned around the Xbox logo.

The controller also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a detachable USB-C cable. Unlike the old control, which is only available in white, the Xenon will have four color options: white, black, red and pink.

Hyperkin Xenon will be released in early 2023

According to the company, Xenon is planned to be on the market in early 2023. Unfortunately, Hyperkin has not yet announced a suggested price for the peripheral.

For those who use older Xbox controllers, this ad is sure to catch their eye. Since every gamer has different finger widths and lengths, it’s normal to have a favorite controller that best suits the gamer’s needs. If an Xbox 360 peripheral fits you like a glove, the Hyperkin Xenon is definitely a good choice for PC and Xbox Series S|X gaming.

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Source: IGN, The Verge


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