The white horse excites racing enthusiasts in Japan

Sodashi won the Victoria Mile with a closing rally on Sunday and received a particularly loud roar from fans at the Tokyo Hippodrome. Happiness did not come only from those who bet to win 5-1. The fillet has become a sensation in Japanese horse racing circles because of its color: pure white.

White breed horses are very rare: one in 100,000 is considered pure white. To qualify, a horse’s entire coat must be white and may not have other colors. The soda, dazzling white like a fabulous stick, meets this definition.

Other light-colored horses that can be seen on the track are registered as gray (a mixture of black and white hair) or gray (red or brown and white). Some of them may become more white with age, but they are still not a rare white horse.

Many gray and gray horses have stood out well over the years, including winners of the Kentucky Derby such as the Spectacular Bid in 1979, the Winning Colors in 1988, and the Silver Charm in 1997. But a few white horses did not really stand out until they appeared in soda.

Recent studies have shown that white horses are the product of spontaneous gene mutations. Some of these mutations are dominant, so horses can potentially transmit white, no matter who they mate with.

Sodash’s father, Kurofun, was gray. But the key to her color is undoubtedly on her mother’s side. His dam, Buchiko, was peculiarly conspicuous, with white-chestnut spots. His dam dam, Shiraiyukihime, was pure white like his grandson. (Shirayukihime translates as “Snow White.”)

Sodashi first attracted attention with five consecutive victories in 2020 and 2021, involving 1,000 Japanese Guineans. But then he got in bad shape until Sunday he came back at his best. His exploits brought him the nickname White Wonders.

At the risk of sounding poetic, the sight of a snow-white soda spinning in the field to win seems to revive the film’s survival story, though it is carried by jockey Hyatto Yoshida, who is not a charming prince or lone ranger, according to our information. The impression was enhanced by the unusual all-white bridle of the soda.

“Because today’s race involved a very strong field, the white horse dreamed of winning the first group race at the Tokyo Hippodrome,” Yoshida told Japan Racing.

The victory qualifies 4-year-old Sodas to qualify for the Breeders Cup at Filly & Mare Turf in early November in Kinland, Lexington, Kyiv, as well as two major French races in August and September. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Wherever he goes, he will undoubtedly leave a stunning visual impression.

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