The Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider demo was released on October 3rd on Steam – Cities

Photo: The Arcade Crew/Joymasher

Publisher The Arcade Crew (Infernax, Young Souls, Blazing Chrome) and renowned Brazilian indie developer JoyMasher (Blazing Chrome) will soon release the first playable public demo of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, a platform action game that reflects the golden age of the classic 16s. A bit of action games in an incredible quest for revenge. Fans of the action classic will be able to grab a demo via Steam on October 3rd, ahead of the game’s release later this year for Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles:

Players will experience two distinct phases of the epic adventure of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. The beginning of the demo shows a ninja cyborg, codenamed Moonrider, rejecting his main mission and escaping the bioweapons lab he woke up in, confronting guards and going through an intense boss battle – one of the lab’s darkest creations. Following more of the Moonrider’s adventures, the second phase of the demo takes the fighter into aerial combat, requiring precise jumps between planes until the Moonrider enters the carrier and faces its fierce defenses.

Avenging Guardian: Moonrider’s design carries the best elements of the classic action game into a laser-sharp view of your ninja, while maintaining combat flexibility, responsiveness and challenge. Powerful modifier chips are stored and hidden throughout the adventure, allowing the cyborg super soldier to customize his fighting style and gain deadly advantages and abilities. The game’s beautifully dark world expertly recreates the 16-bit era with a combination of pixel art and sparkling audio, creating an intense challenge across eight deadly stages. Avenging Guardian: Moonrider brings top-notch fun with sophisticated platforming action for a precision experience that never lets go of your sword.

Photo: The Arcade Crew/Joymasher

Join JoyMasher to learn more about sword art by visiting and in the following Twitter or Facebook. You can also join the resistance disagreement.

About Arcade Crew

Arcade Crew is a separate division of Dotemu, located in Paris, completely dedicated to producing and publishing amazing original games from small creative teams with a retro feel. Arcade Crew is always discovering and supporting new talent and building a true community around titles inspired by the classics. Contact us at and follow us on Twitter @thearcadecrew.

About Joymasher

Joymasher is an independent Brazilian studio that has been creating retro-inspired games since its inception in 2012. Developed by Danilo Dias and Thais Weiller, Joymasher previously worked on the critically acclaimed Blazing Chrome as well as Odallus and Oniken. Each offers bets on modernizing classic action and adventure genres that look amazing on a home console. JoyMasher is gearing up for its fourth release with the classic inspired action platformer Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider for PC and consoles.


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