The Valve console Steam Deck has surpassed 6,000 verified games

The developer has confirmed around 1000 games in just one month

Valve is working hard to bring as many games as possible to the Steam Deck. a little while ago, The developer’s portable console reached the mark of 6 thousand verified games and which are ready to be played by users on the platform.

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The numbers provided by SteamDB indicate that 2,382 games are considered “verified”. That is, they’ve got support for virtually every transition necessary to run Steam Deck as smoothly as possible.

Meanwhile, another 3,626 titles will appear on the platform as “playable”. This means that they are available for Valve’s portable console, but they can cause problems during matches. They, in turn, may soon move into the “verified” category.

Meanwhile, Valve is working on another 2,178 games that will be categorically “supported” on the Steam Deck. They won’t work on a portable device at the moment, but they’re part of a list of titles that will get the developer’s attention.

Valve’s hard work

Over the past few months, Valve has been working tirelessly to bring as many games as possible to the Steam Deck. In August, for example, the number of titles verified on the device was 5,000. That means an increase of 1,000 games in a short period of time.

The number is still far from the 100,000 games available on Steam. To make the job even more tedious, this amount only increases every day. Nevertheless, Valve reaffirms that it will not give up on the mission to make the entire game library available to players.

Recently, the company emphasized that it will not give up on adding games to the device. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the challenge will end, but considering Steam Deck received 1,000 new compatible titles in just one month, you can imagine it won’t take long.

In addition to continuing to invest in verifying games for the Steam Deck, the company recently confirmed that it is already planning future hardware and news for SteamOS. According to Valve, its goal is to understand how users play and their usage preferences in order to create even more powerful products with more freedom of configuration.

The Steam deck has canceled the queue, Valve says

The Steam deck has canceled the queue, Valve says
The company also revealed that an official laptop dock is now available.


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