The Valkyrie Elysium trailer was leaked and released on September 29

A new video released by Square Enix also revealed more details about the RPG’s combat system.

It is scheduled to premiere this Tuesday at 21:00 (5), A new Valkyrie Elysium trailer has leaked online Revealing more details about the game’s gameplay and its release date: on September 29 of this year. Since the date falls on a Monday, it’s likely that the western arrival of the action RPG in the US and Europe will be delayed by another day.

The leaked trailer, which can be viewed on the Streamable website, is entirely in Japanese and Gives a wider view of the game play. While the main character was seen alone in the previous trailers, Here he is accompanied by warriors which can be redeemed and used for various purposes on the battlefield.

The new video also shows this Valkyrie Elysium should bet on several narrative moments, which promise to explore various elements of Norse mythology. As in the previous game series, The player will take on the role of ValkyrieA powerful warrior whose mission is to prevent the destruction of the world.

Valkyrie Elysium promises grand boss battles

Valkyrie Elysium promises a strong focus on battles, which should be based on a Rich combination system and different types of weapons. In the video, you can see how the main character fights several bosses and one of them leaves a reward: Güngnir, a powerful spear used by Odin.

Although the sword promises to be the main weapon of the hero, he should also be able to use spears and other types of equipment, each of which has its own characteristics. The game also promises deeper gameplay mechanics.such as detours that temporarily slow down the action if done at the right time.

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The upcoming release date is not a surprise since the game was released a few weeks ago. Official classification in Brazil. Valkyrie Elysium has confirmed versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PCAnd its final version should have both Japanese and English dubs.


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