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At the end of August, a new version of the PlayStation 5 hit Australian retailers. After some speculation about the changes, an American YouTuber has published a video in which he presents the main differences of the CFI-1200 model. In this sense, a lot has changed in the internal console.

Three current PS5 models side by side (Image: YouTube/Austin Evans)

First of all, it is important to note that console reviews are common in the industry. Usually, no company announces changes, because the intention ends up being exclusively to improve performance or fix minor defects.

Sony released the CFI-1200 model without much fanfare, but it’s clear that fans and enthusiasts would have discovered the news sooner or later. Austin Evans, a YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers, got his hands on this PS5 and revealed the differences.

First, the motherboard was shortened by about two inches, and the cooling system received a new heat pipe and a small heatsink. In addition, the weight of this updated version of the PlayStation 5 is about 200 grams lighter than the one released in 2021 and 500 grams compared to the original model.

Another change was to the console’s CMOS battery. Now the part is located below the lapis lazuli, practically hidden, which is not very satisfactory, because it makes it difficult to change. Finally, the SSD case is better protected from exposed metal.

Overall, news seems to be more beneficial than the other way around.

YouTube video

The PlayStation 5 also received a firmware update

Sony continues to add new features for PS5 users. In addition to offering an updated model of the console, the company has released an update that brings long-awaited options to gamers.

For starters, the update that arrived this Wednesday (7) introduces 1440p resolution to many games. In addition, creating playlists in folders and the ability to compare 3D audio to stereo are also part of the new features.

Finally, there is a tool that allows screen sharing on both PlayStation 5 and PS App. That is, people can enjoy what their friends are playing in real time.

Info: Austin Evans.

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