The Tramp, “The Cat Game,” Captures Suspense and Delights Players –

Who would have thought that playing a cat in a cyberpunk world would work so well, right? A “cat game,” Stray is the most successful PC release in the history of Annapurna Interactive, a game publishing company.

Part of this success can be explained by the game’s well-designed graphics, realistic movement of the story hero, and well-designed puzzles that require a lot of attention and intelligence from the players.

The setting is also very neat, with lots of neon lights – something you can’t miss in a cyberpunk world – and a very detailed storyline.

The game was developed by the French studio BlueTwelve Studio, founded by Koola and Viv, professionals with experience in the gaming industry who also worked for the French company Ubisoft, known for franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.

The release of Stray began in 2015 and was not announced to the public until 2020. At first, the game was seen with some skepticism as it had a completely different proposition than what had been released before in the gaming industry. All doubts left. Completed after the official start of the game last Tuesday, 19.

It tells about a stray cat who gets separated from his family after an accident and his main goal is to find them. To get back, the kitten must explore the alleys of a mysterious futuristic city, completely dominated by robots. His only companion on this journey is his friend B-12, a flying drone.

The game has a very well-crafted storyline that helps immerse the players. In addition, it is possible to do simple things with the cat, such as jumping, climbing things, scratching rugs or dropping objects.

The game is also an absolute success on social networks, making it one of the favorites for the Game of the Year award, competing with super popular titles like Elden Ring, for example. In addition, Stray has produced a number of excellent memes.

The most common content involving play is videos of cats intently watching their owners play strays. The cats seem eager to take part in the game’s adventure, which results in some great photos and videos.

profile “Cats watch strays” from Twitter (Cats Watching Stray) focuses on some of these pictures and videos of cats trying to interact with the game, and as of this writing it already has 28,000 followers. The details are that the game was released last Tuesday the 19th, three days ago.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. There is still no official confirmation on whether or not Stray will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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