The survey reveals which subscription service is preferred by gamers and why

Xbox and PGB (Pesquisa Game Brasil), today at an online event for the press, presented a survey carried out in partnership between the companies, detailing the evolution of the PC gamer market in Brazil and the profile of this player.

According to the survey, 41.2% They say they play every day And a majority of the total number of participants reported having a Game Pass subscription. The survey also provides relevant indicators of the diversity in which women are represented 41% Among respondents, a jump of nearly 10% over the past two years for PC gamers and preto and pardo total 46.8% who plays on the computer. Surveyed over 13,000 gamers, desktop and notebook PC gamers across the country.


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Among the most active gamers, 34.8% of PC gamers claim to play for 1 to 3 hours a day, and the age group under 20 years varies in age. And 29 years make up 16.4%, and 40 to 49 years make up 11.6% of the respondents. Bruno Motta, Mr. Xbox category manager in Brazil, comments on the increasingly diverse scenario between PC gamers and Xbox activities for different audiences.

“We continue to invest in bringing more games and innovation to the PC community, and we’re on the right track to see our gaming service become a favorite of the majority of the PC gaming audience.” Today, we make more than 100 titles available on Xbox Game Pass, and we’re looking to bring more games to the platform on launch day, from more independent developers and more diverse voices,” he explains.

Windows operating system is another Microsoft product that is preferred by PC gamers. Released almost a year ago, Windows 11, which offers a series of features to ensure high-quality gaming, is one of the most used by PC gamers.

Responsible for organizing the Games Brasil Survey since 2013, the largest and most popular gaming survey in the country, Carlos Silva, head of gaming at PGB, addresses the progress of the PC gaming community and the role of the survey.

“The main offer of this study is related not only to its data, but also to access the knowledge of the people who make up this world and what are the profiles behind the computer screens. It reinforces a commitment to a community that is increasingly diverse, and an effort to make that environment more and more plural, helping all players find their next favorite game,” he says.

Developed by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM, the Game Brasil Survey has been around since 2013. The entire survey was developed with proprietary questionnaires with broad coverage and topics covering the player audience and its entire ecosystem, in Brazil and Latin America, in key countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

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