The streaming-focused Xbox was shelved for being too expensive

Microsoft created a functional console, but its price was very close to the Xbox Series S

Named as cornerstoneThe Xbox streaming device even got a working prototype and He was very close to being releasedO. However, Microsoft has rejected the idea of ​​redirecting efforts in new directions, which involves partnerships with manufacturers such as Samsung – And the reason for this was the price of the device🇧🇷

In an interview on The Verge’s Decoder podcast, Xbox head Phil Spencer explained that The product was very expensive🇧🇷 According to him, Microsoft saw that the hardware costs involved in the project were not at the right stage when the prototype was completed.

🇧🇷Many of us took this version home and it worked…very, very well.🇧🇷 Spencer explained🇧🇷 🇧🇷But when you’re building new products, it’s always about do you have the right design? Do you have the right user interface? Do you have the right proposition for the customer? And that proposal includes a price, and I think we all knew we were a little short on price.🇧🇷

The price of Keystone made no sense to Microsoft

While the Xbox boss wasn’t specific about what the retail value of the KeyStone would be, He revealed that he was very close to the Xbox Series S🇧🇷 According to him, for a streaming device to make sense, it needs to be sold by the track. $99 or $129Your offer will become more attractive to customers.

🇧🇷When you have a Series S for $299… I think for a box dedicated to streaming to make sense, the price delta over the S would have to be pretty significant.“, the executive explained. Microsoft claims this Still does not give up on the production of solutions focused on the broadcasting of gamesBut they may not necessarily go through special products.

In addition to providing access to Game Pass and xCloud on the latest Samsung TVs and monitors, Xbox will also expand services in the Meta Quest store🇧🇷 The company sees technology as essential to its future and believes that both desktop and mobile platforms have great opportunities to reach new audiences.

Game Pass subscriber growth fell short of Microsoft's expectations

Game Pass subscriber growth fell short of Microsoft’s expectations
Two fiscal years have passed without projected growth


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