The streamer will miss out on nearly 6,000 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 after Google Stadia ends

This time gives almost 250 days of play

The shutdown of Google Stadia, the tech giant’s cloud gaming service, has surprised not only developers but gamers as well. Especially those who have invested a lot in the platform, As a content producer, Colorful, who played an incredible 5,907 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2.

He tweeted an image showing time spent playing the Rockstar game on Google’s gaming platform, followed by a message of displeasure (or desperation): “No, you don’t understand how angry I am.” Right, because almost 6000 hours in the game is not ignored.

Many people shared this post, tag it rock star And the question if the developer can’t do something for the player other than others who will also lose progress in the game.

Ubisoft said shortly after Google announced it was shutting down Stadia that games would be redeemable on its PC launcher, Ubisoft Connect. The French developer has not yet revealed how or when it will port this cross-platform game.

Google Stadia will end its service in January 2023

The platform will be closed on January 18, 2023. Google Stadia launched in November 2019, arriving in Brazil a year later, but with a low following. Everyone who invested in the hardware, games, and DLC will get a return. This process should last until mid-January.

According to the company’s general manager, Phil Harrison, although Stadia was built on a solid foundation, it failed to attract the right audience. “That’s why we’ve made the difficult decision to begin shutting down our streaming service,” the executive explained. According to him, those employees who continued to work on the project will be transferred to other departments of the company.

The closure of the platform surprised the developers, who were not forewarned. Some manufacturers were even closing contracts days before Google Stadia closed. The platform ended Hideo Kojima’s exclusive game because it didn’t think single-player games were the focus of Stadia.

Google Stadia will end its operations in January 2023

Google Stadia will end its operations in January 2023
All customers who have invested in the platform and its games will be paid back.


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