The Steam update makes it easy to add free games to your collection

The new button should eliminate many of the inconveniences that still existed in the store

A small change to Steam promises to deliver A great improvement in life For those who want to receive items distributed on the platform for free. Without any warning, Valve added a New “Add to Library” button. (Add to Library) in the desktop version of the store, which should be quite useful for those who want to take advantage of limited-time offers.

Before the new button was added, adding free content to the platform’s library was still a simple process, but It was accompanied by a slight inconvenience. Every time a free item was redeemed, it was called Start installing or running the corresponding gameIf he was already on the car.

As a result, games with dozens of free DLCs ended up a A rather time-consuming and inconvenient rescue process For interested players. While there’s still no way to redeem multiple free content at once, a change made by Valve should streamline the process Easier and faster.

A change of steam is coming slowly

A change made by Valve It seems that the company is still implementing, which has yet to translate the new button into languages ​​other than English. Despite already being there Available in both desktop and web versions of SteamThe new feature is not yet visible to those who access the platform on its version for mobile devices.

The new feature has been pointed out on Twitter by players who claim it It took a very long time for the platform to win something so simple. Competitors like the Epic Games Store have long allowed free games to be redeemed without necessarily starting the installation process.

It is considered to be the dominant platform in the PC market Steam continues to bet on tweaks and interface changes To engage your audience. In late July, Valve revealed that it would Ban points and rewards for featured images Used to promote games, a rule that applies to all developers September 1.


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Source: PC Gamer


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