The Steam deck has canceled the queue, Valve says

The company also revealed that an official laptop dock is now available.

Valve confirmed this last Thursday (6th). Managed to zero out the ranks of the main steam deck models. This means that those who want the notebook now need to do no more than pay for the order and wait for it to finish shipping.

It used to be necessary to go through a waiting system that included Prepayment of USD 5 (R$ 26.20) to get a product unit. According to the company, Available out of the box for versions with 64 GB and 256 GB of storageAnd the 512GB model still needs a bit of a wait for it to ship.

Valve also announced this The official Steam Deck base is also available for purchase. After a series of delays, the accessory can now be purchased 89 USD (466.41 R$) and allows you to connect the device to external displays and other accessories — the company guarantees that other USB hubs with similar features and more affordable prices will continue to work.

Steam Deck is getting some software improvements

The developer also announced a A series of SteamOS updates Which should improve Steam Deck performance when docked. Among them is A New keyboardwhich will now work smarter even when the internet is not available.

In addition, the software will be updated to work natively with the languages Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean – What should happen in the next few days. Offline improvements should also affect other areas of the notebook, including Playing games that relied on DRM checks.

However, Valve has yet to explore the details of how the changes will affect the Steam Deck as a whole and More details will be provided soon. While the laptop isn’t the company’s first foray into hardware, it is The most accurate bet he ever made in the segmentAnd new versions of the device are already planned in the future.

Steam Deck surpasses the 5,000 compatible games mark

Steam Deck surpasses the 5,000 compatible games mark
The number corresponds to almost 10% of games sold in Valve’s store


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Source: Kotaku


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