The steam deck gets a thermoelectric cooler as an accessory

The cooler comes as an alternative to overheating the laptop in some games

With the release of the laptop ValveO steam deckTesting the games on the device, overheating was observed in some games. With the promise of a high-performance notebook, high temperatures were expected in games that used more hardware, for UnitechBased in Hong Kong, the company offers the Cooler Dock Pro steam deck as a dissolution solution.

Very similar to a dock Valveversion union Moisturizes steam deck – or any portable device. With a silicone wristband, a short USB-C cable to connect the hanging console on the back. The thermoelectric cooler, RGB backlit fan, and metal contact plate are all mounted with a hinged module that allows you to adjust the tilt angle while providing support. steam deck🇧🇷

O Cooler Dock Pro It has a set of inputs similar to the input dock of Valve, but with three additional inputs on the front – inputs include two USB-A and one USB-C, accompanied by two RGB lights. On the back you get a USB-C PD socket with up to 100W output, HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 and Gigabit LAN. of this model union Supports multi-stream transport, That is, multiple monitors in Console Linux desktop mode.

Overheating that the console is experiencing in some games

Running some tests here at Adrenaline with Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Apex Legends, we got the following results. In Tomb Raider, the device reached a peak of 85 degrees, running with several crashes. Locking frame rate at 60 FPSThe device was able to maintain constant performance, but still at high temperatures.

With Apex Legends, the result was better, it had a peak 82 degreess, frame rate lock 60 FPSThe notebook had no problem with the game, but still had a high temperature.

Demonstrating this high temperature, Unitek Cooling Dock Pro can be an alternative to these problems🇧🇷 It costs USD 119 (R$ 636.65 without tax).

We’ve reviewed the Steam Deck here at Adrenaline, where we have the full story and video on our YouTube channel, see below.

Steam Deck: (some) of your PC games wherever you are

Steam Deck: (some) of your PC games wherever you are
or while the battery lasts


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