The Steam database enhances the possible return to the PC

A Steam update shows that the game is being made to work with Steam Deck

A PlayStation 5 exclusive game so far, Returnal is giving more and more hints that it might make its debut on PC soon. An update to the Steam database regarding the project known as “Oracle” shows that Sony is working on it Make sure the title is compatible with Steam DeckValve handheld device.

Appearance of the game in the database of the store It was already knownBut it has undergone several updates recently, which include Added support for achievements. So far Sony and the developer Housemarque It is silent about possible adaptationWhich would make a lot of sense within the framework of the Japanese company’s plan.

In a report published in May of this year, The owner of PlayStation has revealed that it expects to make up to $300 million in revenue from PC games until the end of the fiscal year ending March 31. For this, it is betting on major releases such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remasteredwhich arrives in August and has already confirmed it The Last of Us Part I and Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection Coming soon to the platform – in this context, adding Returnal would also make a lot of sense.

The game’s setup screen has already been leaked

Another aspect that reinforces the existence of an adaptation of the shooting and survival game is a screenshot that was leaked in June of this year. There you can see a A series of game settings designed specifically for PCwhich includes adjustments such as the quality of textures, volumetric smoke and particles, among other elements.

The screenshots also showed it Sackboy: A Great Adventure may also be coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store in the coming months. Sony’s investment in this segment also extends to the launch of the new Inzone accessory line, which promises to offer high-quality monitors and headsets to eSports enthusiasts.

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Although the start of the games seems to be in preparation, There are still no signs as to when an official confirmation might come. What is certain is that an increasing number of games from the PlayStation catalog are expected to appear on PC in the coming months, which will help Sony. to gain space in the segment and expand its consumer audience.


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