The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has been delayed indefinitely

Chair changes at Aspyr put the future of the project in jeopardy

responsible for bringing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic And its sequel for Nintendo Switch, Aspyr has Serious problems in the development of the remake of the first game in the series. According to Bloomberg, the game was Postponed indefinitely As the company undergoes a series of internal changes that threaten its future.

Jason Schreier states that in the month of July alone, According to reports, the company fired the art director and design director responsible for the remake.. “In a series of meetings in July, two Aspyr executives told employees that the project was on hold and that the company was seeking new contracts for development opportunities.Schreier said.

In other words, there are strong indications that The developer has funding issues that could threaten the future of the game. The remake of Knights of the Old Republic will be one of the first major author projects of the company, which has become known for working on production adaptations of titles created by other developers.

The news shocked Aspir employees

According to Schreier, The project was developed by an in-house studio for at least three years And there was nothing to indicate that he was in trouble. before dismissal, On June 30, Aspire presented a demo version of the RPG Lucasfilm and Sony, who would approve the result.

The developers were excited about it and felt they were on their way.“, explains Schreier, who interviewed company members who preferred not to be identified. up to the moment Officials affected by the cut would not comment on the matterBut art director Jason Minor hinted on social media that his departure from the project was sudden.

– Continues after commercial –

According to a Bloomberg report, Aspyr has already invested a lot of time and money into the remake of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic.Hoping to release it by the end of 2022 – however, more realistic predictions suggest that the title would only reach the expected quality if it had a goal. It will arrive in 2025. So far the fate of the game is unclear, but there is a belief that Embracer Group can take over Saber Interactivewhich joined the development a few months ago as a supporting studio.


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Source: Bloomberg


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