The Sonic creator is attacking Square Enix again, removing his former colleague from the photos

Yuji Naka says the company conspired behind his back to take him away from Balan Wonderworld

One of the creators Sonic the HedgehogFormer head of Sonic Team, Yuji Nakacame back Use Twitter to attack Square Enix Last Tuesday (5). in a series of messages, Naka accused the company of conspiring behind his back to lure him in the direction of Balan Wonderworld.Which he found out only after filing a lawsuit against the company.

How would it feel to suddenly get kicked out of a game you’ve been working on for over two years and find out when you go to court that they were talking about me behind my back in the documents and that’s why they kicked me out of the game. ?“, asked the developer.

The messages were published after Naka A A photo of the team that worked nights, a SEGA Saturn game that recently celebrated its 26th birthday. The image used by the creator was Edited to remove Naoto OshimaA character designer who worked very hard vowel how many entered Balan’s World of Wonders.

Yuji Naka accuses Square Enix of not caring about games

In other messages, The creator of Sonic has once again stated that Square Enix does not take the necessary care to create quality games. He also said that the Japanese company should have told the Japanese company directly about its intention to withdraw from the project instead of planning behind his back.

– Continues after commercial –

In previous publications, Naka stated that he was fired as director of Balan Wonderworld six months prior to the game’s release.and that members of his team conspired to keep the project from being completed. According to the former director, Many of the changes he called for were not implementedBecause Square Enix prioritized the longevity of the release date over the quality of the title.

Naka said about it He was forced to file a lawsuit against the company After he ignored all her requests to end the game. “It is because of this that Balan Wonderworld received all the criticism and comments. that you know well“, he said. “It is very sad that the project that I led from the beginning ended like this“.


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Source: PC Gamer


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