The Sims 5 is cracked after a secret playtest

Known as Project Rene, the game was pirated in the early stages of development

Information shared by the official The Sims community and Insider Gaming portal indicates this The Sims 5, known as Project Rene, has been hacked. The hackers managed to recreate the access tokens and access the game freely without needing to connect to EA’s servers.

Hacking was possible because EA did a A secret playtest with selected users began on October 25. Apparently, each guest user can invite up to three more friends to participate in the early testing, which supposedly led to the game being hacked. Electronic Arts has not yet confirmed the incident, but everything points to the truth of what happened. The situation is reminiscent of the recent GTA 6 leak that gave developers a lot of headaches.

Project Rene is not a secure encryption

According to Insider Gaming journalist Tom Henderson, anonymous sources have confirmed that the hackers were able to recreate the access token to play the game without needing to connect to EA’s servers.

Tokens allow users to log into the game and test prototypes in development in Unreal Engine 5. According to sources, the process was easy to follow. At the current stage of development The Sims 5 is encrypted, Which makes it easy to bypass their low security.

Currently The hackers did not make the game’s access codes publicAnd we don’t know what measures EA will take to prevent further problems. Since the game is in the early stages of development, EA can fix the problem and avoid even bigger headaches. It remains to be seen if anyone will be held responsible for hacking the game, as was the case with GTA 6, which led to the arrest of a 17-year-old.

Leaking game files poses serious potential risks to game development. Although the source code has not been leaked, hacker-free access to the game’s content could prove detrimental to EA and delay the project’s launch.

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Source: Sims Community, Insider Gaming


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