“The Sims 5”? EA confirms production of new game

Eight years after the release of The Sims 4, Electronic Arts and developer Maxis have officially announced the development of the next title in the franchise. During the game’s live stream event, EA announced the product codename “Project Rene”.


However, the information indicates that the title will be “The Sims 5”, but with a different announcement from EA, which seems to avoid confirmation while the game is in the early stages of development. According to the company, “Project Rene” is “the next generation of The Sims game”.

Image: Play/EA/Maxis

At the presentation, The Sims team brought a few minutes of gameplay and showed off some of the game’s features. Unlike the grid-based design system in previous titles, the upcoming game can allow players to select items and place them in desired locations – and the item customization system has been improved.

According to the official description, the game will be cross-platform and will stay true to what the franchise has always been, but with an evolution in how the characters think and behave.

“With Project Rene, players will have the option to play solo or co-op with others, and will be able to play on compatible devices,” the game’s description reads. ,” he added.

Image: Play/EA/Maxis
Image: Play/EA/Maxis

The Maxis team said that the plan for “The Sims 5” is to release ongoing updates before the official release. According to the franchise’s creative vice president, Lindsey Pearson, this is “the beginning of our journey over the next few years.”

“We’re building on the same foundation that has made The Sims so appealing to generations of players and pushing the boundaries to create new experiences.” We’ll have a lot more to share as we continue to develop the game along the way.”

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Amidst the announcement of “Project Rene”, fans of the simulator are celebrating another piece of news: starting this Tuesday (18), “The Sims 4” will be available for free to all players, hoping to attract a new audience to the franchise. The game can be purchased from the Xbox and PlayStation stores and the EA app.

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