The Sims 4 is free and The Sims 5 is coded by Project Rene; First details

Electronic Arts and Maxis announced this today The Sims 4 Available for free on all platforms for which it was previously released.

Check out the PS Store link below:

The Sims 5 (Project Renee)

Eight years later The Sims 4Developer Maxis revealed that the next generation Sims is on the way. Currently titled Project Rene, this new iteration is meant to evoke words like renewal, rebirth and revival and represents the team’s “renewed commitment to a brighter future. Sims“.

Maxis looked at fans for the first time The Sims 5 During the Behind The Sims Summit (more below). During the presentation, the team revealed a few minutes of gameplay, focusing on showing off all the features of the game’s build mode. Although the previous games Sims Sticking to a grid-based design system, the next game in the series looks to ditch that and allow players to place items wherever they want. Players will also be able to customize items as well The Sims 3. However, this improved customization mode isn’t limited to just changing the colors and patterns of items – players will be able to change the number of pillows that adorn their Sims’ sofa.

So far, the studio hasn’t revealed any details about the character customization the game will feature. The Sims 5 Or your main gameplay. Maxis said that as long as the game remains faithful to what Sims has always been The Sims 5 It will evolve how Sims think and behave, while also providing players with “even more ways to play, tools to encourage creativity, and the ability to tell meaningful stories.” Additionally, the upcoming game will allow players to play solo or co-op with others and will feature cross-play and cross-progression between consoles.

During the presentation, Maxis emphasized that Project Rene is still very early in development. However, the team plans to share updates and work-in-progress over the next few years, and will use player feedback to help drive development.

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