The Saints Row designer is asking fans to trust him

In a recent interview, Damian Allen, lead designer on Saints Row, gave us more details about the new concepts for the reboot. With a more sensitive footprint and based on “real” foundations, the game has the classic chaotic and absurd essence of the franchise, but with some punctual adjustments that require the trust of fans.

The new entry in the series was created amid much discussion, taking into account elements of past games and the necessary adaptations to current requirements. From the beginning, the idea was to make a more tangible project, where players would not have to go to space or hell to explore more “extreme” situations.

The Saints Row reboot, like the Quadrilogy titles, surrounds itself with fun and keeps that over-the-top proposition in the base model. However, according to Allen (via VGC), there has been a “toning down” so that the most offensive jokes and content respect “the world we live in now”.

We really want the players to say, “This is my game, this is my world, I’m involved the way I want to be.” We have a story to tell, you know, a really unique story, but it’s not about making fun of people at their expense. It is about this group of people who struggle and how they reach the top of the criminal world.

The designer asks fans to trust Deep Silver Volition’s work, calling the developers “fans” of the franchise. He also claims that Saints Row will be a title “in essence” and have a “Hollywood level of emotion”, now including “the idea that games are for everyone”.

Saints Row launches on August 23rd for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Crazy and lots of weirdness on Saints Row

The systems, mechanics, stories, and characters all return to Saints Row. With more craziness, absurd moments and a dynamic co-op system, the new installment of the franchise promises to deliver a classic open world experience. Main activities, side missions and several other events are already guaranteed in the game. Click here to learn more.

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