The rose shades from RE Village last around 4 hours and more; Chris DLC was discussed

Several Japanese sites (such as IGN Japan, Inside Games, Dengeki Online, and 4Gamer) have released interviews with Capcom about the DLC. A native village of evilShades of roses.

Summary posted on ResetEra. Check out the key points below:

  • Kento Kinoshita is the director of Shadows of Rose DLC RE village. He used to be the chief planner Dragon’s Dogma and Director of Extension Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Risen. The team decided to come up with a unique and different vision Resident Evil For the DLC, because they want to leave a unique mark on the series, something different from what fans are used to.
  • Kinoshita was impressed by Village’s gothic horror and dark fantasy undertones and wanted to build more on that for Shadows of Rose. The DLC is designed to be more difficult to survive than most arcade games. Resident EvilBut with unique gameplay powers and a “fantasy world” that distorts and presents strange images and situations to survive.
  • Shadows of Rose will be the longest DLC ever Resident Evil So far, about 4 hours long.
  • So far, they’ve shown off the “Face Eater” and “Sclerotium” monsters, but explain that there are more monsters exclusive to the DLC that they’re not ready to reveal yet.

  • Castle Dimitrescu is considered “Chapter 1” of the Shadows of the Rose DLC, and there are more locations in the DLC besides it. According to them, locations are “twisted”, rooms and objects are not where they should be, level design is changed from the original game in strange ways. A hint that the DLC will get more creepy, twisted and psychedelic as the DLC progresses.
  • Shades of Rose is considered the “conclusion” of the Winters Family Arc. Resident EvilAs announced in recent days. However, while it’s clear that there are no future plans for the Winters family to return, there’s still a chance that characters like Rose herself will appear again in the series.
  • Rose is more defensive than the other characters Resident Evil. The goal is to survive, not to kill everything. He’s not good with guns, he’s not that athletic. He is a 16-year-old teenager who wants to live a normal life. It moves a little slower, aims a little worse, but has power that the others don’t, but most of them are mostly used for personal support with a defensive focus, although it can be used for a variety of purposes. Rose’s powers will also be used in puzzles in the DLC. They want Rose to have a sense of growth in her character as her powers increase during the DLC itself.
  • There’s a big “secret” at the heart of Shadows of Rose, but all will be revealed at the end of the experience. It’s like every monster and character in Shadows of Rose has a deeper meaning than it might seem at first, and replaying the DLC can be a different experience.
  • Along with that, they note that not all creatures in Shadows of Rose are harmful to the player, and part of the DLC will determine which creatures and characters are there to help or hurt you.
  • The third-person camera was a lot of work, “it was almost as much work as making a new game.”
  • In third person, they worked hard to keep players from seeing Ethan’s face, which was a creative choice.
  • The team doesn’t really think that first- or third-person cameras are better. They just provide a different experience. They’re not sure they’ll be able to provide both cameras for all future recordings, as it seems like a very difficult task, but they’ll consider which cameras to use on a case-by-case basis in the future.
  • Resident Evil 7 It won’t get a third-person camera mode, the experience is designed for a first-person perspective.
  • New recruits have enemies that will approach you after spawning, so you don’t have to locate each one individually. They made some improvements from the reviews to the original as well as expanded the mode.
  • There is a passage where it is said that Rose has separated from her parents and is living a lonely life. It is not known what happened to Chris or Mia to make this claim.
  • At first the plan was for Chris to let go of the stress and blame it on the past, but in the end the team got too enamored with the shades of roses and decided to go that route.

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