The ricochet system in Call of Duty will seize weapons from fraudsters

Activision continues to come up with unusual solutions to punish those who use cheats in games

Against the Call of Duty scammers wrapped in an eternal battle, Activision published some news about him last Thursday (16). Ricochet Anti-Cheat Protection Service. While it should be continued to detect and prevent fraud, the company has introduced a new “unusual solution” to complicate their lives:Disappear the gun in your hands.

When this happens, The player can not use shots to hurt the opponent. The solution is the latest measure taken by the developer to make the gaming experience worse for cheaters. Call of Duty: Vanguard And Call of Duty: Warzone. In the recent past, the system has been used to significantly reduce the harm that can be caused by people who use targeted assistance and other decisions that are considered illegal.

This is confirmed by Activision Such decisions are part of their mitigation tactics, Which involves keeping cheaters in the game to analyze their behavior. From there the company can Enhance your security solutions while minimizing fraudulent exposure About legitimate players.

Activision acknowledges that the fight against fraud is ongoing

On its official website, the developer also acknowledged this Will continue to fight hard against fraudsters in the future, No matter how hard your security team tries. He said as new security solutions and patches are being created, Bad actors are always looking for and finding ways to gain extra benefits.

We fully expect fraudsters to continue to invent new types of negative behaviors – some of which we can predict and some of which we will need to develop new systems against.“- Explained in the company. At the same time, he insists that he is Fraud is increasingly being detected and mitigation solutions are being used About the players who use them.

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Activision claims to have Has other anti-fraud solutions active in Vanguard and Warzone That he can not share at the moment and that he is already working harder for the future. He also says he will continue to implement new waves of bans on his games and that after the recent security update, Deleted more than 180,000 accounts that performed actions that violated their terms of service.


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Source: Activision


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