The real “Witcher School” is closed in Poland

The CDPR would revoke the license due to political issues

Yes, there is a Witcher “school” in Poland and this information is quite unknown to many. It turns out that now that we knew about the place, He closes the doors. The announcement was posted on the school’s Facebook page and is one of the main reasons for that CD Projekt Red will revoke the workplace license.

In February, the company in charge of Witcher School announced that the CDPR would terminate its license agreement in three months. Also, there was a situation with one of the school organizers, Anna Wawrziniak, who was against abortion in Poland and the situation caused negative media in the country around the Witcher School.

Thus, the CDPR’s decision to revoke the license will be for political and ideological reasons related to the situation, mainly because Wawrziniak had ties to Ordo Jur, a Polish conservative who opposed abortion in the country and advocated for LGBTQ free zones.

Speaking to Kotaku, Dastin Wawrzyniak (Anna Wawrzyniak’s husband), one of the founders of 5 Elements, which is responsible for the school, said the company’s relationship with CDPR was “great” and sometimes arranged picnics for the studio staff.

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5 Elements said it “has no plans” to evaluate the activities of participants and colleagues in the “personal sphere”, as this could open a “Pandora’s box full of prejudices and arguments”. One of the banners erected by the company was to incorporate differences.

The school provided the real experience of The Witcher

The school organized events called LARP (Live Action Role Play), which were mainly The Witcher-themed reagents, ranging from character characterization to armor and game-loyal weapons.

LARPs were launched in 2005 and were “a children’s fight with sticks and dressed in amateur clothes.” “If we told ourselves that 10 years later, we were going to start our own Witcher School, where participants from all over the world came, we would consider it a joke,” the company said on Facebook.

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In seven years, 40 editions of the LARP were published, including 3117 “trained witches” from 54 participating countries and 2841 “monsters destroyed”. Now the company is working on a documentary about the events of these years at the Witcher School.


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Source: Kotaku


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