The public faces 8-hour queues and frustration at the stands

Brasil Game Show 2022, the largest gaming exhibition in Latin America, is known for offering several attractions, including stands, games, shows, tournaments and the like. However, part of the public experienced another not so pleasant side of such a big event: endless lines.

On the first day of the event for the general public, Friday (7), BGS did not represent agglomerations in general and long queues. The situation has changed at the Amazon and Twitch booths. Several participants left disappointed with the wait and organization issues.

Two companies offered a gym called the Human Claw, in which a participant is suspended from a structure similar to a toy picking machine — only it’s submerged in a “pool” of boxes filled with prizes such as discount coupons.

In one of the longest events in the queue, many BGS participants were challenged with an eight-hour time limit to compete in the human claw. Still, they were left empty-handed: without warning, the companies shut down access to the toy around 8 p.m., much to the disappointment of many.

The Twitch and Amazon booth had eight-hour wait lines and many BGS 2022 attendees were disappointed

Image: Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

Influential and a cosplayer One of them was 26-year-old Fernanda Sunhy. then After a 12-hour drive from Florianopolis, he waited in line for nearly eight hours before he could take part in the stand-up action.

“I have been here for an hour [da tarde]. I just came and I came directly. So now nobody wants to let you in. People were jumping in line. I told you people were making holes. This is a lack of respect for everyone. Now we are crying. All day event”, he complains.

Cosplayer Fernanda Sunhee reports difficulties persist while waiting for character characterization - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

Cosplayer Fernanda Sunhee reports difficulty keeping up while waiting for character characterization

Image: Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

It was the turn of student Kaua Berti, 16, from Sao Paulo, to take part in the human claw when the companies stopped the queue. He didn’t think he would get so close and return home without participating:

“Rigi [da Twitch]I arrived at half past noon, almost an hour. My cousin arrived at 1:20 p.m. We have been here for eight hours, at the head of the queue! I just wanted to win a small business. I won’t be able to do it, he laments.

When asked what happened, Amazon announced that in the coming days it will change the waiting system to a digital queue and that subscribers will be called by SMS.

Saturday is less tiring for lines

On the second day of BGS, despite the sold-out tickets, there wasn’t such a long wait at most of the booths.

One of the busiest stands Kabum Formed a line that turned on itself. Waiting to receive a discount coupon on the company’s products, in between ventilating several salons.

The other day, the stand was circling Kabumi to enter the coupon contest - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

The next day, there is a stand in line for Kabum to participate in the coupon contest

Image: Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

Student Brenda, 18, from Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo, waited in line for 40 minutes for one of the last positions, which she thought was a lot. Still, she didn’t feel so sad.

“I’m more or less, because it’s a very big event, so it’s already expected to be in line for a long time,” he believes.

The situation wasn’t much different at Capcom’s booth. One of the few new games from BGS, Street Fighter 6 is a game many players and enthusiasts of the franchise have been waiting for.

Fans waited over 40 minutes for new Street Fighter game - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt - Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

Fans waited more than 40 minutes for the new Street Fighter game

Image: Adriano Ferreira/Tilt

Software developer Andre, 31, from São Paulo, was one of them. Exactly in the middle line, I waited about 40 minutes and I was not surprised:

“I’m calm, because I knew that the expectation was still to pass this line. As it is, I think there will be another half hour or twenty minutes of play. But I’m happy,” he said. slope.

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