The PS5 VRR is no better than the Xbox, says Digital Foundry

Sony has finally released an update for the PS5 VRR and because of this Digital Foundry has tested the feature. According to a channel specializing in tech reviews, the functionality is quite an addition to the console, though it seems to work better on Xbox consoles.

Titles like Devil May Cry 5 showed improved performance, though frame rate variations bothered content creators. Another example given was Returnal, which had its function turned off after the last patch.

To rule, Digital Foundry tested more than 20 PS5 games. One of the members of the channel, John Linemann, said the following:

I would say the PS5 VRR is lower than the rest, that’s acceptable, but it does not compensate for the low footage, that is what is missing here. All other options do it better. G-Sync is still my favorite VRR because of its great power, very good performance and its compatibility.

Although some of the titles represented some instability, the work of Insomniac Games stood out. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: In Another Dimension were “approved”, but the strategy for releasing different patches to unlock FPS was not so much.

As shown in the video, the monitors do not show real performance when the frame rate drops below 60 FPS. So the Digital Foundry said it was testing other ways to shred numbers.

Overall, major problems arose when moving the cameras, especially when “unexpected” angles appear on the screen. It ends with a certain “choking” in the headlines – dirt.

Digital Foundry: “PS5 VRR flexibility leaves a lot to be desired”

Also, according to Linemann, Sony did well, but the flexibility of the VRR left much to be desired. He posted the following statement on his Twitter:

Here is a more in-depth discussion of the limitations and advantages of PS5 VRR. Spoiler – Not on the same level as PC or Xbox, but still a welcome addition. Look at the Returnal I mentioned, but after I tested it, the VRR was removed from the last patch for some reason.

It should be noted that the functionality is not designed for all games on the console, but it can be used without official patches, by manually activating the game settings. As an alternative, Sony does not guarantee adequate performance on incompatible titles.

How is your experience with VRR?

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