The PS5 upgrade uses a 6nm AMD Oberon Plus chip for lower power consumption

The new chip boosts the PlayStation 5’s performance and lowers Sony’s production costs. See images comparing the versions

A new version of the PlayStation 5 console was discovered a few weeks ago, as we reported here on Adrenaline. As shown by YouTuber Austin Evans, the new PS5 model comes with a smaller motherboard and a cooling system that is more energy efficient. Today (25), the site Angstronomics revealed the reason: It uses a new revised 6nm AMD chip, internally called Oberon Plus.

According to the report, Sony started rolling out new PS5 reviews last monthWhich means it’s already in stores in several countries.

Identified by code CFI-1202The updated model weighs about 500 grams less, which is largely due to the reduction of the cooling system and the new motherboard, which is more compact than the original.

Oberon Plus: more profit and efficiency

The two previous versions of the PS5 used the AMD Oberon chip, which is manufactured on a 7nm scale. Thanks to updates to the TSMC production line, the exact design found on the Oberon was there transplanted into the 6nm node, resulting in the Oberon PlusKeeping exactly the same compatibilities as in the previous version.

As a result, A 18.8% increase in chip logic density. The original Oberon chip had about 300 mm². version already Oberon Plus has been reduced to 260 mm². Check out a visual comparison between the two chips below:

For users, the new PS5 overhaul means more efficiency because The chip consumes 20 to 30 watts less than the original model. For Sony, this upgrade could represent a significant reduction in production costs: around 12%, as reported by Angstronomics.

Costs Falling, PS5 Price Rising?

It is important to emphasize that the change includes not only costs related to the chip (reduced by the greater use of silicon wafers), but also related to the production of refrigeration systems (which are now lighter) and the transportation of cargo.

Interestingly, despite the reduction in chip costs, Sony recently announced a price increase for the PlayStation 5, which affects mainly European countries. So far, the price of the PS5 in Brazil has not yet been affected by the decision.

The report states that The PS5 was the first console to switch to the 6nm nodewhich allows you to build up to 50% more chips per wafer than today’s Xbox Series X. However, it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft’s console gets the same treatment and makes the migration.

According to sources heard, The production of the 7nm versions of the PlayStation 5 has already completely changed By model with AMD Oberon Plus chip. In fact, a new rumor points to a console version with a removable disc player. Read the article by clicking here.

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Source: Angstronomics


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