The PS5 development kit has been revealed in detail by a YouTuber

The test equipment gives a very different look to the commercial model in stores

Distributed with great secrecy to the developers, The PlayStation 5 crafting kit was revealed in detail last week By YouTuber Macho Nacho Productions. Despite sharing a significant size with the commercial units of the console, the product brings a whole range Differences that are meant to make life easier for those working on game development.

In addition to having a completely different design, the kit features on its front no less Five USB Type-A (and one Type-C) connection ports. The model obtained by the developer does not have a disc player, although there are reports that Sony has released a version with this feature.

The PlayStation 5 development kit also comes with a A small screen on the front of it, which will tell you details about the connection being used. The hardware also distinguishes itself from A Menu with different areas than usualIncluding a dedicated icon for project work and early access to the Sony store.

PS5 bundle failed to activate

A limiting factor in the investigation conducted by Macho Nacho is the fact that The developer kit he obtained has an expired license. As a result, many of the unreleased features it might reveal have been blocked — a measure Sony has taken just right. Avoid channel-like leaks.

As with other development kits, the template is used to create games for the PlayStation 5 It is expected to have some hardware changes compared to the commercial version of the console. This is usually intended to allow developers to more easily test their games before they are properly optimized.

This isn’t the first time the console’s build hardware has been made public, but It has never been shown in such detail before. Sony was very strict in hardware distribution and It moved quickly to remove sales ads that appeared on platforms like eBay – and, precisely because of this, the YouTuber responsible for the latest revelation chose not to reveal where he purchased his test unit.

The PS5 upgrade uses a 6nm AMD Oberon Plus chip for lower power consumption

The PS5 upgrade uses a 6nm AMD Oberon Plus chip for lower power consumption
The new chip boosts the PlayStation 5’s performance and lowers Sony’s production costs. See images comparing the versions


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