The PS4 and Xbox One generations show signs of fatigue but remain strong

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Do not buy a new console tomorrow! Not just because a Xbox Series X | S Or PlayStation 5 And their games were worth it in the liver, especially in the scenario of an economic crisis (double for Brazil), or because they could not be found in stock, but because Xbox One This is PlayStation 4 There are still a few years to go.

Intense week of presentations for the gaming industry – formerly called Sunday E3, Rest in peace – came to prove that the past generation has not yet passed. Whether it is a component crisis or the goodwill of studios and producers, this is not exactly the time to question the motives. Users can only benefit from a sudden increase in the lifespan of the devices.

Unlike any other aspect of entertainment, games evolve according to their machines, in cycles (or generations) that barely reach 10 years of age. Even a generation PS3 This is Xbox 360One of the most durable, finished in double digits.

Let us recall for a moment the sudden transition of the previous generation. In 2016 – a decade after its inception Microsoft – A large part of the community already had new equipment with an enviable library as Witcher 3, Bloody, Doom, overwatch And lots of amazing and exclusive things for new cars. Those who remained in the last generation were only getting games Telling a fairy tale Or pearls as a layered and dubious version Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Now the PS4 and One are approaching the age of 10, and the jubilee is scheduled for the end of 2023. This time the scenario is a bit different and the exclusive games for their successors are in the minority – a situation that is not even there. The advertising week managed to change.

That’s good if you want to play the second part of the remake Final Fantasy VIIOr enjoy a remake შორისYou are the last among them Or Dead space (Why only remakes?), You will need to remove the PS5. Or get Series X | Racing in the new Forza Motorsport. Otherwise? Much of the advertising is proven for both generations.

Titles like Marvel: Midnight Suns, Callisto Protocol, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Diablo IV, Street Fighter 6, Routine And many others already have guaranteed versions for older consoles. The situation is almost the opposite of what happened in the PS3 / 360 transition, during which more and more exclusives moved faster to successors.

No matter what genre you are in, there are still plenty of proven releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

And in the case of Xbox One owners, there are still game alternatives that will be exclusive to Series X | S call Cloudy game. Service, integrated Xbox Game PassAllows you to run a selection of games FlowAnd it is available for PC, mobile and, yes, directly on One. This means that it will be possible to run not only improved versions for the current generation, but also fun Starfield, Forza Motorsport And other titles that were never created for One. Of course, playing in the cloud has its various problems and depends on a decent internet connection, but it is good to know that in addition to having to upgrade, there is an alternative.

The Xbox Game Pass, by the way, is one of the reasons why keeping an Xbox One is still worth it. While more and more games are exclusive to the next generation, the catalog is still updated with plenty of content that works naturally, or with backwards compatibility with the 360 ​​and the first Xbox. The PlayStation also came up with the idea with the recent new PS Plus plans that provide PS4 users with a powerful catalog of games in addition to free titles for subscribers.

Cloud Gaming extends the life of the Xbox by allowing you to play Series X games on Streaming One

Not everything is a rose bed, of course, and the consoles really show some fatigue and age. Technological advancement between generations may not be a giant leap, but it is important and severely burdensome for developers who need to find ways to optimize older machines. There are times when it works like Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite And Horizon: Forbidden WestWith impressive versions of both generations. But there is always the fear of something Cyberpunk 2077Which works poorly on most modern consoles and is virtually impossible to play on the One.

Nothing guarantees that many of the titles that will become available for generations will not be a complete disaster, but rather a failure. CD Project Red Anyway, alarm bells are ringing in many studios. The people at Striking Distance Studios have already convinced me of this Callisto Protocol Works beautifully on older devices. WB Games Montreal, on the other hand, realized they were not going to make any decent deliveries and had already canceled the versions. Knights of Gotham For the previous generation.

Much of this relates to the original models released in 2013. If you consider versions like the Xbox One X | The S, or PS4 Pro, scripts are even more durable as they are more powerful devices that can run some things in 4K or more at ease. Either way, it all depends on how comfortable you are with games that show signs of age on the device, but still work minimally acceptable or enjoyable.

There is always the risk that the release will be a disaster in the previous generation, as it was in Cyberpunk 2077.

It does not matter if you are planning to buy several releases or if you would otherwise browse the subscriber service catalogs, the PS4 and Xbox One have not been released yet. By early 2023 there will be a steady stream of news for the older generation, from both sides Blockbusters Grand as well as bold and creative Indians.

So it’s worth saving money and do not rush to get a new console so soon. Over time, promotions will be normalized, new versions will be announced and released, there will be price drops and promotions. More than ever, it’s worth the wait and just enjoy this unusual moment when we are not forced to pay taxes just to occupy the gaming industry.

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