The PS4 and PS5 emulator wins version 0.1.0 and is already running several commercial games

The project is still in the early stages of development and has some shortcomings.

New version KyTyAn emulator designed to run games PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5, Became available this week by the manufacturers and is already running several commercial games. YouTube channel BrutalSam posted a video Monday (23) testing the patch v0.1.0 An emulator that is in the early stages of development. For the time being, graphics PS5 Not yet available.

Learn more about the KyTy emulator on GitHub

In the video you can learn about the game WMD WormsThe title was released in 2016 PS4 And other platforms. The game had a low frame rate, on average 17 FPSIn tests 720p. The video also shows a test run 1080pBut without the speed of visible shots.

Tests were performed on the system a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU And processor Intel Core i5 Seventh generation 74002017. The program supports only Windows 10 x64. While far from ideal performance, generally games run on at least 30 FPS consoles, launching games in the early version is a good sign for enthusiasts.

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According to the description published by the developers, the project is still ongoing Early stage And graphics PS5 Not yet included in the program. As for the games PS4The text states that their rotation is possible “Some simple games” And that there may be problems such as graphic defects, breakdowns, freezing, and low frame rates.

Functions not yet implemented: audio input / output; MP4 video; Network; Multi-user. Some functions cannot be configured, e.g. Data storage, Language settings, date format, etc., encoded. The lack of some features is due to the early stages of the emulation project KyTy.

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RPCS3: PlayStation 3 emulator comes with limited performance on macOS
The project still does not work on devices running NVIDIA graphics


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Via: Wccftech Source: BrutalSam


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