The PS Store is offering a weekly discount on Ghostwire: Tokyo

PS Store offers weekly deals at a discount Ghostwire: Tokyo. The offer is valid until May 11.

This is the only news on the PS Store this Wednesday that usually gets themed promotions. It should be noted that the action started on Monday NBA 2K22 also.

So, in short, we have the following promotions available on the PS Store:

In the list below you will find links to discounts Ghostwire: Tokyo. Check out the promotion directly on the PS Store to see all the deals.


Deluxe Edition includes:
– Ghostwire game: Tokyo
– A package of ordinary dresses
– Shinobi outfit and Kunai weapon

Tokyo was conquered by deadly supernatural forces invaded by an evil prophet, causing the population to disappear instantly. Build an ally with a powerful spectral unit seeking revenge and master an incredible arsenal of skills to unravel the dark truth behind disappearances when you meet a stranger in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Tango Gameworks uses the power and speed of the PlayStation®5 console to create a stunning, otherworldly version of the modern city of Tokyo. With unprecedented tactile responsiveness for every skill and character action with DualSense ™ wireless controller and 3D spatial audio, you enter a dangerous metropolis full of dangers and mysteries to discover in every corner.

Beautiful and adventurous Tokyo
Explore the unique view of Tokyo with its distorted supernatural presence. With an ultra-modern cityscape, with traditional temples and narrow alleys, discover a brutally beautiful city full of yokas: vengeful spirits roaming the streets. Discover places of worship such as the Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower after the time-consuming city’s population disappears, and embark on a journey into a strange underworld to save your family.

The sinking of the next generation
Enjoy rainy Tokyo beautifully filmed on the PlayStation 5 with the next generation of technologies: beam tracking and 3D audio. Feel the power of your supernatural abilities with tactile feedback and adaptive triggers for each character in the game for action and combat skills.

Destructive elementary abilities
Use a combination of elemental forces and ghost hunting skills to combat the renewable supernatural threat. Use your ethereal abilities to climb the peak of Tokyo and advance through the streets to discover new quests or surprise your enemies.

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