The players of Team Fortress 2 are protesting against the current state of the game

# savetf2 is trending on Twitter and countless players feel their presence in the game

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 fans around the world are holding a peaceful protest this Thursday (26) to convince the developer to save Team Fortress 2 from its miserable condition. The hashtag # savetf2 in the trendy Twitter communities, players are filling in the game servers.

Hashtag at the time of publishing this news # Savetf2 There are more in trendy communities 155 thousand tweets. On the page Steam, The game has an average of more than 75 thousand simultaneous players on the servers. Also, from the Steam players chart we see how the community has been trying from 2021 to the present Keep the servers active to combat the game’s destructive bot problems.

The game’s dedicated community, which has been mobilized for some time, is trying to draw the developer ‘s attention in the hope that Valve will create a solution against the bots that collect Team Fortress 2 matches. Artificially controlled bots make this impossible. Gamers have a chance to win matches, due to their 100% hitting speed. While it maintains Team Fortress 2 servers, Valve has not yet commented on the matter.Nor does it indicate that he is attentive to the protests of game fans.

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There is no way to win against bots

Originally released in 2007, Team Fortress 2 became completely free to play in 2011. Interestingly, the game community, even after so long, is still active and asks Valve to solve the problems found in the game. In the video below, posted by Youtube channel Toofty, we see how Team Fortress 2 servers continue to be full of bots in 2022.

There is no confirmation as to when bots dominated the FPS, but the public believes it happened after the title source code leaked in 2020. Regardless of the moment, the presence of bots with 100% hitting frequency hinders the community. Fun games.

The protest this Thursday (26) is a The peaceful way that society has found it, without harassing the company’s employees, Show Valve that it expects a solution from the company. So far, Valve has not said or has given any information about the future of Team Fortress 2.


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