The player defeats 165 Elden Ring bosses without taking any damage

Player Ginomachino managed to complete the mission with a 9 hour stream

launched in February of this year, Ring of Elden Continued the tradition of FromSoftware, offering players a very challenging adventure. As with the Souls series, the title also featured bosses that appeared in much greater numbers than in any previous product From the developer – 165in total

While many of them are repetitive, small adjustments to your abilities and the context they fall into provide a variety of experiences. aware of the great challenge posed by enemies, Streamer Ginomachino decided he would be the first to defeat them without harming them.

Although the ambitious plan was announced by him on March 7 of this year, He managed to finish it only on October 25. 9+ hours of streaming on Twitch – Click here to check out the file – He proved it All 165 bosses in Elden Ring can be defeated with impunity.

Elden Ring is full of optional challenges

What makes a streamer famous is the fact that Many of the enemies he defeats are completely optional. In practice, even famous battles like Radahn and Malenia can be skipped by players if their only intention in the game is to get to the credits screen as quickly as possible.

Ginomachino’s delay in reaching his goal is due to the many repetitions he had to perform before reaching his goal. as The intention was to defeat all the bosses in order without pausing or quitting the game at any time.The process was completed and required months of training and testing.

Since the Elden Ring hit the stores, it A series of challenges have begun that go beyond what FromSoftware offers. Other experienced players have already confirmed that it is possible to reach the end of the adventure at level 1 without taking damage (and using only one hand), and that with the right build, all bosses can be defeated in one hit.

Bandai Namco says Elden Ring

Bandai Namco says Elden Ring is “just the beginning” for Japanese games in its portfolio
FromSoftware’s game was a bigger success than expected


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