The place of courage is not what I wanted and did not know

It’s no surprise that No Place for Bravery is one of the indie finalists in the Best Brazilian Games category at the BIG Festival 2022 awards. Available for testing at the event, the game combines aspects of Soulsborne with a dense story and diverse inspiration. See what we think of the title.

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Don’t let the pixelated look fool you. No Place for Bravery is not just another adventure game with cool gameplay and a decent retro look. On the contrary. The game from Brazilian studio Glitch Factory hides an ambitious narrative and gameplay that will put a smile on the face of anyone who likes a good challenge.

Playback: Glitch Factory

O Enemy We got a sneak peek at the game, which will be released on September 22nd on PC and Nintendo Switch, and after a few seconds in the skin of protagonist Thorn, it’s almost a promise that the player will feel immersed and immersed in the story told in No Place. for bravery.

Fans of medieval fantasy have plenty of content, from the setting to the music, both expertly done, but without missing out on scenes with modern dynamics between parents and children—and even humor amid the game’s almost depressing events.

Public image for No Place for Bravery

Playback: Glitch Factory

No Place for Bravery tells the story of Thorne, an ancient warrior haunted by his past, who searches for his lost daughter. The mission here is clearly to make the player feel the weight of endless bitterness that comes directly from the controlled character.

The beginning of the game leaves the player with Thorne’s daughter. In the midst of complex Soulsborne-style combat—meaning you have to memorize patterns and die as part of the process—the main character’s daughter flees in terror and is never found.

Public image for No Place for Bravery

Playback: Glitch Factory

After the opening cutscene, the player realizes that the scene is a flashback and that the game starts from there. The sentiment here is almost the same as at the beginning of The Last of Us, when Joel is mourning the death of his daughter, for comparison.

Thanks to the time limit of the test, many will suffer before starting the game (including those who write to you), but perhaps this will add even more experience.

It’s been a long time since a game did what No Place for Bravery promises the player. In this case, it is the feeling of suffering with the protagonist and the struggle of the hero to, who knows, find the lost daughter – all accompanied by Phil, another son of Thorne, who probably also suffers from his father’s immersion in the waters of the past.

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