The person responsible for removing PT from PSN says that the store made several exceptions for the game

Pearl L. describes the process of asking to block demo downloads as quite unpleasant

Released in 2014 as a free demo, EN was very successful with its horror elements And because of what could become Silent Hills, a project that was eventually canceled by Konami. Years after the company removed the ability to download a new product, the person responsible for it identified himself and explained that The entire project included a few exceptions from Sony.

On her personal Twitter account, Pearl L., then the lead developer for the first party, explained that she was responsible for airing the demo and requesting that new downloads be blocked. As he explained, The PlayStation owner had to make some exceptions to get the title listed In the name of a fake distributor who keeps secrets about its real creators.

Pearl L. also described that It was quite strange to be asked to take PT off the air. “Strange is the right word! We already went through a lot to set it up, got a lot of operational exceptions. And then add a request to block downloads? More alternative engineering solutions. It was exciting to see people excited about it and seeing the hard work pay off. But somewhat notHe explained.

Sony had to deal with the consequences of the decision

The former head of the Konami First Party also stated that the decision to remove the artwork, which marks the partnership between the director Hideo Kojima is an actor Norman Reedusshowed It is quite difficult for company members. However, he explained that the biggest burden fell on Sony, which had to deal directly with customer complaints.

It was a RIDE! Honestly, it wasn’t a good situation – I really felt for Sony who should have taken it upon themselves to deal with the situation.“, explained Pearl L.. “It was definitely a very interesting lesson and the importance of picking your battles in managing relationships.“.

According to a former Konami employee who made his profile on Twitter after responding to private messages, PT’s removal was the first time a publisher had asked Sony to remove a work from its store. Although Silent Hills was never released, the project continues Influential to this dayby inspirationspiritual heirs“More rumors that Kojima may return to work on the Silent Hill series in the future.


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