The patch for the PS5 is not expected to improve

A new update to Resident Evil 7 was released this Monday (27), but PS5 and Xbox series gamers may be disappointed. This is because the patch is only intended to improve the RE.NET link, without making user-reported graphic errors and crash corrections.

According to Hotfix, there are bigger problems with tracking challenges through RE.NET. – Resident Evil Online Tracker – Must be eliminated. However, given the level of technical bugs the game has experienced on new generation machines, the upgrade can be frustrating.

After the release of free updates to Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7, gamers complain about bugs. Walking zombies on the walls, Carlos (from RE3) attacked the PS5’s sophisticated screen, port malfunctions, incomplete lighting, and console crashes were just some of the biggest flaws reported.

I was playing RE3 Remake on PS5 and a group of zombies were walking around the wall like ghosts. I tried to record but the PS5 panel appeared during the game. I could hear Carlos being attacked on screen, and then the whole console crashed.

So… about this next generation RE ports. These wonderful rays follow the lights. Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 7 are constantly breaking my PS5.

So far Capcom has not mentioned any plans to improve the technical aspects of the games.

There is no free upgrade on Resident Evil 7 PS Plus

Recently released for PS5, the free upgrade to Resident Evil 7 only comes in versions purchased from the PS Store or retail. This means that the title listed in the PS Plus Collection catalog is not allowed for next-generation upgrades and can only be played in its PS4 format, with backwards compatibility. Click here to find out more.

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