The original plans for GTA 6 included four heroes and three cities

The game has had its scope reduced so as not to create unrealistic working conditions for its team

A few days after a report published by Bloomberg revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6 While it may be quite different from its predecessors, the Axios website has delved even deeper into the title’s history. According to editor Steven Totillo, the project was originally larger in scale than reported and Could bring four heroes and three different cities.

Without offering further details on the matter, Totillo revealed that sources connected to Rockstar Games have confirmed that A reduction in scale was observed as the project progressed. The expectation is that the final version of the game will feature two protagonists – a man and a woman – and have a scene Alternative Miamiwhich will probably be known as Vice City.

Although the developer reduced the original scope of GTA 6, This does not mean that the game will have little or limited content. The company promises that this will be the most ambitious game in its history, which should be reflected in tighter zones and the emergence of new gameplay mechanics.

Rockstar is undergoing internal changes

Among the reasons for the downsizing of the game is that Rockstar Games’ commitment to maintaining a healthy work environment, with more realistic development cycles that don’t require developers to be overwhelmed. In the past, the company gained popularity due to A working week that has passed 100 hourss, especially when the project was about to hit stores.

It should be noted that The scope of the project is normal in the game industry – and one of the reasons why many projects spend years in secret before publication. As developers begin to understand what ideas work and even the power of the platforms they work on, It is normal to miss certain elements To let those who deserve more attention shine.

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Internal changes at Rockstar would follow Launched in 2018 after the company faced heavy criticism and internal protests After completion of development Red Dead Redemption 2. As for GTA 6, the title remains unconfirmed by the press and the developer has only confirmed that it is already in active development and requires the attention of most of its team.


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Source: Axios


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