The Nintendo Switch Sports will make you move, but watch out for the TV

Released in late April, Nintendo Switch Sport has brought back the success of Wii sports games. Has a new game Six modes to be enjoyed by up to four players: Badminton, Bubble shooter, ჩამბარა (Spades), football, tennis and volleyball.

To play each modal it is necessary to use the fun (control) as the sport recommends on the screen. For example, in the case of badminton and tennis, the controller must be rotated like a racket.

In football, volleyball, bowling and ჩამბარა, joy con works as an extension of the player’s limbs, keeping an eye on hand and foot movements that will be done in real life. The game comes with a bracelet to attach to the controller Foot.

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The game, which is available in Brazilian Portuguese, has been well received by fans here and in other countries upon its release. However, this brought back the problem that was already happening with the Nintendo Wii: some people, while performing game movements, eventually threw the controller at the TV, vines, chandeliers and whatever was around.

There are videos and photos of players on social networks, which show the damage done during the exciting moments of the game.

So here is a reminder: Never forget to fasten the strap joy with On your wrist. And if you want to play Nintendo Switch Sports, here are some important accessories for your enjoyment – and also to avoid accidents.


Nintendo Switch console

Price: From 2899 BRL to 2448 BRL * (16% discount)

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Traditional model Switch Allows both portable gaming and the ability to play on TV with a device connected to the device Doc Station (charging base for console and control). Also, other people can join using joy with Extra.

Nintendo Joy Con Controller – Nintendo

Price: From 499 BRL to 314.99 BRL * (10% discount)

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The set comes with two fun cons that can be paired with the device as a starter pack. Thus, it is possible to have fun with up to four players. Pink and green and red and blue combinations are available. The price varies according to the selected colors.

Rackets for Joy Con – Talkworks

Price: 64.70 BRL *

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For those who love tennis and badminton matches, it is possible to use this control in a rocket format. They have straps for the player to attach them to the wrist and can also be used for other Switch games such as Mario Tennis Aces and Tennis World Tour 2.

Silicone protective coating – TechBrasil

Price: 42.90 BRL *

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Even the negative aspects of joy can be attached to the wrists, accidents and falls. These silicone housings are ideal for protecting them from impact that could cause damage, as well as increase grip during play and wash.

Wrist bracelets – Baoblaz

Price: 56.66 BRL *

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It is a good idea to have a spare pair of straps in case the originals are too worn out or damaged for some reason. This set comes with two pieces, each for each Joy Con, and they are well attached to the connector area as well as serving as a control bearing.

Portable bag – HEYSTOP

Price: From 119 BRL to 81 BRL * (32% discount)

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For those who want to have fun somewhere, it is always good to have a bag to protect their equipment. This model has eight compartments and is mounted on the console on both the first model and OLED, with up to two pairs of extra joys, cables and up to eight games, in addition to having an inner velcro closure and an outer lightning. It should be noted that there is no compartment for the docking station.

Wii Legacy

One of the major milestones in the gaming world occurred 16 years ago with the release of the Nintendo Wii console and its Wii Sports game. The title served as a kind of demonstration of the features of the Wii Remote, an accessory that allows you to move your whole body to play and won over many fans.

The launch of Wii Sports Resort in 2009 attracted more people with new models and improved controls. The popularity of the titles was so great that it was not uncommon to find large groups of people taking turns controlling when playing close matches in bowling, archery, golf, table tennis and more.

The Nintendo Wii was officially discontinued in 2013. After several attempts to replicate its successful formula, the company brought the Switch console experience this year to fulfill that legacy with the Nintendo Switch Sports.

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