The next Cyberpunk should be a big competitor to GTA 6, according to the website – Rap Mais

The release date for both games is yet to be announced.

THE Rockstar Games Gained a reputation for his hit GTA. When players first saw Liberty City Grand Theft Auto 3 Few could have predicted in 2001 that this would be just the beginning of a series that continues to push the boundaries of immersion, scale, and player freedom.

As a developer, Rockstar never liked to rework previous titles, preferring to create new mechanics and refine the best ideas for each release. GTA 6 It’s currently in production and recently suffered one of the biggest leaks in video game history. When version number 6 of the game was announced, the owner of the franchise gave an update about the game in development to its fans.

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“With unprecedented longevity GTA VWe know many of you have been asking us about the new title for the series Grand Theft Auto. With every new project we start, our aim is always to go above and beyond what we’ve delivered before – and we’re happy to confirm that future developments GTA 6 Happening”. Since February, when the game was officially announced, a series of rumors have circulated, and last month, Grand Theft Auto 6 suffered one of the biggest leaks in video game history.

Because of this, a possible release date or something that the game owner can reveal regarding this GTA 6 It may be close. However, according to Forbes No other game can compete with Grand Theft Auto 6. We are talking about Cyberpunk 2077. However, the two games do not have an exact release date, but both games are highly anticipated by their fans.

According to the site, Cyberpunk will bring: police, enemy systems, car chases, battles and multiplayer mode. In the previous version of the game, the police system became a meme when the cops just started teleporting and going out of nowhere. According to the new report, an overhaul of the police system will come to Cyberpunk 2077 itself, possibly through DLC, but this is a major part of the competition with GTA, which is developing a much more powerful “wanted” system, which is very important for these games. Smart and dangerous police AI and the ability to actually track the player.

One of the things Cyberpunk 2077 is missing the most is anything and everything to do with cars. They’ve improved the driving controls over time (driving in GTA 5 honestly was never amazing either), but the game has essentially non-existent car AI. Several of the game’s races are more or less staged. “Car Combat” is an NPC that pops out of the window that randomly shoots cars or sequences on rails where the player kills enemies, like the opening mission or one of the latest shows.

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